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Participant Reports & Info Update for Scheduled Leagues

You sign up and keep up to date your participation information in most Newport Tennis Club organized tennis group activity by contacting League coordinators.

Tennis System itself will no longer send emails out.

The league coordinators are:

THE DEADLINE FOR MAKING PLAY CHANGES IS SUNDAY EVENING ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE DATE AFFECTED! If you become unavailable after that deadline please fill your place from the sub list or a player who will play twice.

Update Forms are no longer being used!

Contact league coordinators with information changes that used to be provided via the update forms.

Newport Tennis Reports

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  • Match Schedule
  • Participants by Person
  • Participants by Round Robin
  • Players Profile & Schedules by Name

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Scheduling Process

Late Sunday evening after midnight, another week (7 days forward) is scheduled and added to the end of each active league. The newly added week schedules are sent to Coordinators for review and updating. The tennis system will no longer send out emails. Each Tuesday the newly scheduled matches will be found in Scheduled Matches report on this Website. After that time the published schedule cannot be changed. You will need to find a sub if unable to play as scheduled. Please enter dates unavailable changes as early as possible.

Newport Tennis Club Round Robins

Reports of all scheduled matches by date are no longer distributed by email. Scheduled matches are also posted on the bulletin board at the club. The league groups and the coordinators are listed below. Please follow the instructions of each coordinator when signing up for a league. Select from the following to download a weekly schedule:


Men's Round Robin Play: 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am

Women's Round Robin Play: 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm


Women's Round Robin Play: 10:00 am and 11:30 am


 Men's Round Robin Play: 5:30 pm


Women's Round Robin Play: 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm


Men's Round Robin Play: 7:00 am, 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am

Women's Round Robin Play: 11:30 am and 1:00 pm


Women's Round Robin Play: 8:30 am and 10 am


Mixed Doubles Round Robin Play: 11:30 am and 1:00 pm

Round Robin Coordinators and Administrators

Men - Chris Curwen 686-9930

Women & Mixed - Nancy Jachim 913-7155

Please contact the coordinators to obtain help, report issues, comments or problems.

Contact Nancy Jachim about other leagues that are being formed.



There were five Tennis Participant Update Forms.

  1. Account Create Form is used to provide player personal demographics information - Name, Emails, Phones, Pass Key etc.
  2. The Sign Up & Change Form is used to identify the round robins you will participate in as a regular player or a substitute. It is used to update league start date, stop date etc.change status.
  3. The Date Un-Availability Form is used to identify dates when you are unable to play. You can also specify at what times you must play or can't play  on specific dates
  4. The Weekly Time Preferences Form is used to identify times that you prefer, must play  or can't play etc.  Please limit play time restriction requests.
  5. Account Update Form changes player personal demographics information. It can be used to change primary Email Address and Pass Key.

More detailed information about each of these forms can be found below. To bring up a form to fill out, simply click your mouse on click here phrase right after the form name:

THE DEADLINE FOR ENTERING PLAY CHANGES IS SUNDAY EVENING ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE DATE AFFECTED! If you become unavailable after that deadline please fill your place from the sub list or a player who will play twice.

  • Account Create  (click )
  • Sign Up - NTC Tennis (click ) 
  • Date or Time Available (click)
  • Time Preferences  (click)
  • Update Account (click)

General Form Help

Please fill out any Update Form carefully and review the content before you press the Submit Button at the bottom of the form. Your Primary email address is entered on all forms to identify you. Be careful that this field is always entered correctly.

After you submit each form, you will be sent an email from Google Forms with a copy of the filled out form. If you don't receive this copy within a reasonable time, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. 

You are responsible for the information content provided by your form submissions. You will receive a email within several hours of form submission that will contain your league profiles that should reflect your input. You can submit forms more than once. All form submissions create an entry in a "Form" spreadsheet that is date and time stamped. The latest information submitted is always what will be used. If a problem is detected with your submission such as your identity wasn't clearly established, the league coordinator will be informed. In other cases, the email sent to you will identify any errors detected on a any of your form submissions since the last email sent to you.

After you press the Submit button at the end of the form, you will get a response window pop up acknowledging your submission and perhaps get further instructions. Within a reasonable amount of time (certainly before scheduling is done), you will receive an email with a Profile Report that should reflect your input. Review your profile in the report to be sure the content is correct. Your Profile for each activity defines your status, availability, etc. that is used to create your matches.

Once matches are published (Tuesdays) each participant is responsible for showing up for the match or finding a substitute player.

All forms information is stored at GOOGLE in secure accounts and is only available to be viewed by administrative staff associated with the scheduling system. The forms input is carried over a secure internet connection.

GOOGLE "may remember" past form entries made on your computer. For example, Google may suggest completion your email address after you key the first few characters.

Account Create Form

You are asked to enter your name, phone(s) and email and Buddy Email information. Your primary email address and Pass Key are used to identify you on subsequent online form submissions. Once an Account exists, the Update Account is used to change this information. All existing players have had accounts created for them using their initials as their Pass Key.

RR Sign Up & Change Form

You are asked to indicate in what round robins you wish to play.  You may sign up as a regular player or as a substitute. Active Participants receive email communications. Inactive participants receive no league communications. You will become inactive for a league a day after your stop date for that league is reached. This form is also used to update RR Sign Up satus Stop date, play singles twice or play singles.

Date Time Un-Availability Update Form

The form is used by participants to report to the system:

  1. Dates you are unavailable to play
  2. Times you must play on a specific date
  3. Times you can't play on a specific date
  4. To reverse previously reported unavailability

An example is when you have a doctor's appointment at 10 am on Monday June 18th, you can submit this form saying you must play at 7:30 am on 6/18/2012. You can also erase that restriction or override it with another restriction submission for the same date/time.

Time Preference Update Form

Your time preference information contains your preference for each round robin playing time. Each time  can have one preference or restriction associated with it. The preference or restriction values are "PREFER", "MUST PLAY AT", "Never schedule at", "only schedule every other week", "Only every 3 weeks", "Only every 4 weeks". 

Each league can restrict how many preferences are allowed of each type for each time.

Account Update Form

This form is used to update persan demographic information. I.E. Name, email addresses , phone(s) etc. It can also be used to change Primary Email Address and Pass Key.

The Pass Key can be any content that you will easily remember. It should not be a password. 

The pass key entered on a form is checked against the Account pass key before the form will update information in system. If there is a pass key mismatch, the form input will be rejected and an error message will be emailed to you. 

Note: You can correct and resubmit any Form submitted from the copy emailed to you. 

Key points about our scheduling process:

  1. You can submit forms multiple times. Each submission is time date stamped. The last submission may override what was submitted earlier and the latest information is what will be used.
  2. Your Date Unavailability or Availability is expected to be updated by you as soon as you know it has changed.  Get your availability and profile information updated as soon as you can.
  3. You are responsible for getting a substitute player if you can't play in a scheduled match. You also must let other players in your match know of substitute situation.

After you submit the setup information by clicking on submit button at bottom of form you are informed that the response was recorded. Close the window that the form opened.


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